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Ovechkin Planning Wonder-Spawn?

Upon seeing the picture below of Alex Ovechkin on the red carpet at Thursday night's NHL Awards show, the most common reader reaction (besides muttering "Daaaaamn") was to ask, "Who's that girl?"

Well, we now have an answer - it's Elena Alyonka Larionov.

More on Alyonka in a minute, but since the "Larionov" jumped out at you, yes, she's the daughter of former hockey legend Igor Larionov, the same Igor Larionov that was Ovechkin's favorite Russian player growing up.

As for the 21-year-old Larionov, she's an aspiring singer (here's a single she recorded with her sister and here's their website) who auditioned for American Idol and apparently made it through to Hollywood (whatever that means).

While we have no doubt that Ovechkin's intentions are pure, we can't help but imagine the possibility of a skater two decades from now with Ovechkin's scoring ability and physicality, and Igor Larionov's playmaking skills who can hit every note in Ave Maria.

Your move, Sid - perhaps Mike Bossy has a daughter for you.

Big h/t to Dave77 on the identification.