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L'il Sarge On The Radar?

Much has been made of the bloodlines in this year's NHL Entry Draft (the ever-wonderful Joe Pelletier takes a deeper look at many of those same names), but one surname that isn't making those lists is Schultz, as in the Caps' Jeff Schultz and his draft-eligible baby brother Ian.

Ian, "a raw winger ranked No. 92 by the Central Scouting Bureau," recently completed his first full season for the WHL Calgary Hitmen, where he was a teammate of current Caps prospects Karl Alzner and Keith Seabrook. He finished the campaign with 15 goals, 15 assists and 128 penalty minutes (not to mention 18 fights and more PIMs than the elder Schultz had in four full seasons for the Hitmen) in 67 games.

The Caps apparently have shown some interest in the younger Schultz, but if they pass on the opportunity and the Schultz brothers end up opponents on the ice? "I'll make the best of it," says Ian. "I'll just make sure I hit him extra hard when I do play against him."

Wait... are we sure these guys are brothers? Really?