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Friday Afternoon Notes

A few somewhat random thoughts as the weekend begins:

Either John Anderson either spilled the beans on the Thrashers' opponent in their home opener (hint: it's the Caps), or he was looking at last year's schedule.... If the rumors of Jaromir Jagr possibly headed to Avanguard Omsk next season are to be believed, it's interesting (ok, "interesting" might be over-selling it) for a couple of reasons: first because he'll be wearing a jersey featuring an eagle swooping downward from right to left (again), and second because he might be a teammate of Ross Lupaschuk, who was part of the package that the Caps sent to Pittsburgh for J.J. nearly seven years ago.... I don't know how I missed this earlier, but apparently Mick McGeough will no longer be officiating NHL games. Huzzah!... Finally, Olie Kolzig apparently "didn’t get sour when [Cristobal] Huet was brought in and took over the starting role," and perhaps "he’ll embrace a backup role on a contender." Um, ok.