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Cherry: Ovechkin Is "Best Player In The World"

A tip of the hat to Tuvan Hillbilly for translating an interview that Sport-Express's Slava Malamud did recently with Don Cherry.

Highlights include:
  • On Alexander Ovechkin: "I really like Ovechkin. He plays like you have to play hockey. He has speed, he shoots, he hits… I think that he is the best player in the world."
  • On Team Russia at the World Championships: "I am always impressed when a team plays strongly and with passion. This might be the influence of Ovechkin."
  • On Sergei Fedorov (sort of): "He is good. Fedorov, Larionov—I like them. But Ovechkin stands alone. He is following in Bure’s footsteps—the best Russian."