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The Brutally Honest Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson was introduced as the Leafs' new bench boss the other day, and, not surprisingly, he had plenty to say. Of particular (albeit mild) interest to Caps fans are the following passages about a couple of former (sigh) Caps:
"The biggest apology I ever made was to (defenceman) Joe Reekie in Washington," Wilson remembered yesterday. "I said something out of frustration and anger one day, and the next day in front of the team, in front of everybody, I apologized to him. I crossed the line and couldn’t sleep that night. I shouldn’t have said it."

Then there's this:
"Along the way there are lots of guys. (Washington goalie) Olaf Kolzig and I used to fight, tooth and nail, over his temper," Wilson said. "Eventually, he came around and said I was right and he was wrong, but we had a direct, confrontational relationship because I didn’t like his behaviour."
I wonder if Olie remembers it the same way.

Enjoy Crazy Ron, Leafs fans. He is, at the very least, entertaining and at the very most, a heck of coach.