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What're The Odds?

Three years ago, Vegas oddsmakers had the Caps as 250/1 longshots to win the Cup. Hopefully, you didn't lose too much on that one.

Two years ago, they had the Caps at 75/1 and last year, the Caps opened at 70/1. Neither of those horses came in either.

Now Vegas is taking bets on next year's Cup winner, and the Caps open at... 18/1.

Given that this year's Finals participants opened at 8/1 and 14/1, last year's finalists opened at 6/1 and 15/1 (with the latter winning), and the 2006 finalists both opened at 45/1 (I guess the only sure thing coming out of the lockout was that the Caps would stink)... well, let's just say that we're not the only ones with high expectations for next year's Caps.

H/t to Stanthefan on the pointer to the 2009 odds.