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Using The FCF To Predict The Third Round

In the wake of the disappointment following the Caps first round exit at the hands of the hated Flyers, I forgot to recap how the FCF performed in the first round and apply it to the second round, so here's the brief recap: in the first round the FCF was 6 and 2 in the first round (counting picking the Caps to lose since they had former Cap Michael Nylander on the roster), including correctly predicting four upsets, and in the second round it was 3 and 1 (the wrong pick being Pittsburgh, and Philly being correct due to Habs assistant coach and former Cap Doug Jarvis). So the FCF is 9 and 3 so far, which is good but brings the prognosticating tool's all-time accuracy down to a still-ridiculous 73.8%.

Anyway, on to Round Three:

  • Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia - Sergei Gonchar in black and gold is enough to predict the upset, and Kris Beech is the crappy icing on the cake for the Pens against the Cap-less Flyers.
  • Detroit vs. Dallas - you wouldn't think that Krys Barch would be the most important player in this series, but having the former Caps draft pick (who hasn't played a minute in the playoffs but played 48 regular season games for Stars) on the roster dooms the Stars.

So the FCF says Flyers/Wings. What do you say?