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The Hottie Hockey Show

Why haven't any of you donkeys told me about's "The Hockey Show" before today? More to the point, why haven't you told me that there was a (supposedly) daily online hockey program co-hosted by Carrie Milbank?

If you don't know who Carrie Milbank is (and I didn't until ten minutes ago), here are a bunch of words telling you about her impressive career in journalism. But as a picture is worth a thousand of those words... well, here you go:

Click to enlarge (the photo)

If that blouse doesn't scream "Peabody Award, here I come," I don't know what does (don't get any ideas, Katie Couric). And lest you think I snagged that image from some filth-peddling website (yes, there are a couple out there), it's actually from (where there are more pics that are as sure to remind you of great moments in journalism as this one of Dan Rather).