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April's Most Popular Posts

Fueled by the excitement of a late-season run and the first taste of the post-season in half a decade for playoff-starved Caps fans, The Rink set monthly bests in views, visits and visitors for the third consecutive month. Obviously, we couldn't do it without you guys (and more than our fair share of Flyer trolls), so a sincere thanks goes out to all of you.

Your top ten most-read posts for April:

1. Caps/Flyers: A History Of Carnage And Mayhem
2. 2 Girls, 1 Cup (filthy, filthy people)
3. Japers' Rink Blogroll
4. Malkin: Ovechkin Is The Best Player In The NHL
5. Note To Mike Wise
6. Obama/Oshie '08?
7. Game 4: Caps @ Flyers
8. Tuesday Roundup/Gamenight: 'Canes @ Caps
9. With Each Goal, A Milestone
10. ... And Then There Was Golf