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Smokin' Al (No, Not Koken)

Paul Lukas (of Uni Watch fame) has an interesting new column up at's Page 2 on some of the great moments in the shared history of cigarettes and sports (which reminds me... stop reading this post if you're not 18).

Anyway, he includes links to awesome pics of Terry Sawchuk, Derek Sanderson and Bobby Hull (and a less awesome pic of Mikka Kiprusoff and Dion Phaneuf) with cigs in hand or in mouth, but the article instantly made me think of former Cap Al "Wild Thing/Planet" Iafrate, who "smoked like an industrial chimney" and wasn't afraid to puff a mid-game cancer stick or two. As Eric Francis of Sun Media recounted:
Al Iafrate... once bummed a smoke off of an Ottawa reporter between periods before lighting it with the trainer's blowtorch.
Once? Knowing what we know about Iafrate, I'll take the over.

Oh, and FYI, smoking is bad for you... but don't take my word for it.