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Note To Mike Wise

It's nice that the WaPo has sent a couple of columnists to supplement Tarik's coverage of the Caps for this series (speaking of, today's must read is at Jason LaCanfora's blog). What's less nice, however, is when these columnists do a sub-par job.

Such was the case with Mike Wise's column this morning, which came off as a writer attacking an opposing team and its fan base for playing physically and enjoying it, respectively.

Mike, this is hockey - no, this is playoff hockey - and there isn't a Caps fan around who wouldn't love to be sent into "some medieval state of euphoria" as the result of the Caps "exerting their mauling style" on the Flyers. The problem is, there has no mauling from the boys in red, white and blue. There has been no "unmistakable air of testosterone coming from the [Caps'] direction that just reeked of physicality."

The Flyers will always be the Flyers, and their fans will always be, well, what they are. Taking shots at the Philly faithful is the low-hanging fruit of sports journalism, little different than calling Caps fans fair weather.

As a columnist, you're better than that (as recently as Monday, in fact), and you're certainly better than this: you claim that "[Mike] Green had never gotten into a fight at any level of the game according to, which tracks scraps all the way back to juniors[,]" but that very site lists five prior fights for Green (one in the AHL and four in juniors). Oops.

Last night was a tough night on the ice, and apparently up in the press box as well.