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The Great One On The Great Eight

It's been two-plus years since he had one of the best seats in the house for "The Goal" and apparently someone got around to asking Wayne Gretzky what he thinks of Alex Ovechkin nowadays.

The Great One's response?
"Ovechkin has the release and hands that Bossy had. He's got the quickness that (Jari) Kurri had. And he's got the toughness that (Mark) Messier had. He's the whole package."
High praise indeed. And how many goals could Number Eight score in a season?
"I think he could score 90 in a season."

Ovechkin will go for number 58 tomorrow against the Bruins.

Update: Speaking of Gretzky and comparisons, The Great One's former teammate, Kevin Lowe, offered up this one:
"(Nicklas) Backstrom's elusive ... he kind of reminds me of Wayne."