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Tuesday Night Open Thread

While you were busy hitting your browser's "refresh" button every three seconds since this morning and "working," you might have forgotten that the Caps have a game tonight.

And while none of the new guys will be in the lineup, neither will Viktor Kozlov (flu). Chris Bourque has been called up from Hershey, but with just 19 games remaining on the schedule and every single point absolutely critical, tonight's game will be a challenge for the Caps who will be without now three top-six forwards (Kozlov, Nylander and Fedorov), a pair of top checkers (Clark and Cooke) and their number one goalie (Huet). On the plus side, only the loss of Kozlov is a change from Sunday. On the minus side, the Caps lost Sunday. And Saturday. And last Wednesday.

Help is on the way... hopefully it's not too little, too late.