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Today's Front Page

...newspapers from around the hockey world, sponsored by The Front Page, Arlington
Washington Post
It's no secret that Trade Deadline Day is big news around the hockey world - front page news in many markets, including ours. Well, in one of the papers, at least.

Don't see it? Lemme blow it up for you.

See? Right there above the picture of Malkin, Crosby and Gonchar.

Anyway, the point of this post is two-fold - to take a look at the front page of a couple of the papers from the towns from which the newest Caps were acquired and, more importantly, to introduce a new Rink feature - Today's Front Page - which will be a frequent glance at some of the more interesting front pages from around the hockey world, thanks to the wickedly awesome Newseum website. Think of it as our homage to a dying medium.

Our first stop is Quebec, where La Presse (no relation) and Le Solei feature Cristobal Huet on their front pages (Huet's quote in the former translates roughly to "I would have liked to have finished the job" - and I didn't even have to Babel Fish that one):

La Presse/Le Soleil
Next stop, Columbus, where Sergei Fedorov's departure was at the very top of the Columbus Dispatch's front page, right above a header that included both a marijuana and a fart pun (wait, they mean real dutch ovens, don't they?):

Columbus Dispatch
Finally, we head north and west to Vancity where they're happy to welcome home Matt Pettinger (Times Colonist), but he's neither a proven goal-scorer (The Province), nor is he an upgrade over Matt Cooke (The Vancouver Sun). Oh, and Avril Lavigne is "art":

The Times Colonist/The Province/The Vancouver Sun