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Kolzig To Start Against Thrashers

According to Tarik, Olie Kolzig - not Brent Johnson - will get tonight's start against Atlanta.

As noted earlier, Kolzig is 1-1-0 with a 4.01 goals against average and an .843 save percentage against Atlanta this season, 14-11-4-2/2.77/.903 in his career, while Johnson is 1-0-1/1.48/.950 opposite the Thrashers so far in 2007-08 and 7-2-0-2/2.32/.918 in his career. Johnny's save percentage is .024 better than Kolzig's and his GAA is 0.38 goals per game better than Olie's on the season, and the two goalies are seemingly headed in different directions, as the two charts below show.

In this huge intra-divisional match up, I guess the coach is playing a hunch, because he sure ain't playing the numbers.