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Joe Finley Continues To Hate On Small, Furry Animals

Having apparently not learned his lesson after his Badger abuse resulted in swift and stiff punitive action, Caps prospect Joe Finley is at it again, this time going after a Gopher (albeit half-heartedly to the point where one of the announcers remarked, "I would have thought he would have dropped gloves and done something more manly than tug on a jersey"). Have a look:

Two interesting things to note here. First is that Finley has now taken a shot at a mascot after a game and an opposing player during the postgame handshake. Classy. Second, in these two incidents, Finley has tussled with Kyle Turris and Blake Wheeler, Phoenix's top two prospects who aren't currently in the NHL. Which makes sense... given that coyotes are furry little bastards.

Later this month, Finley's North Dakota Fighting Sioux will play host to the Bemidji State Beavers. Unavailable for comment himself, Bucky Beaver's spokesperson did confirm that he intends to have his teeth cleaned and sharpened before those games are played.

H/t to Tyler for pointing us to The Wizard of Odds