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Breaking Down Ovechkin's Goals

I got an email earlier noting that if you were to throw out all of Alex Ovechkin's first period goals on the season - nearly a third of the campaign, obviously - he'd still rank second in the League in goals scored with 36. Damn.

That stat led me to take a closer look at his League-leading 46 goals, and here's some of what I found out:
  • If you threw out the goals he's scored at home, he'd rank 14th in the NHL in goals and have enough tallies (25) to lead 17 of the League's teams.
  • If you tossed the road lamp-lighters, he'd rank 27th in the NHL with 21 goals, which is more than the current high-man on seven teams.
  • If you ignored his power play goals, he'd rank seventh overall with 30 markers.
  • If you got rid of all the goals he's scored against the Southeast Division, he'd rank third in the NHL with 33 goals.
  • If you only counted goals scored in games in which he scored more than once, he'd be 35th in the League with 20 goals.
  • If you took away any significant number of his goals, the Caps would be in deep, deep doo doo.