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Uh Oh...

Update (10:24): Gary Bettman has elevated the NHL Public Relations Disaster Advisory level to "Severe."

Update (10:28): President Bush has ordered flags to fly at half-staff tomorrow in recognition of a national day of mourning.

Update (10:31)
: Evgeni Malkin has begun sitting shiva.

Update (10:38): U2, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen (sans E Street Band) are now confirmed for Saturday night's "Concert for Sidney" telethon.

Update (10:42): Barring last minute intervention from the Supreme Court, Paul Ranger is to go before a firing squad at dawn.

Update (10:48): Kanye West has issued a statement that reads "Sidney Crosby doesn't care about black people." Huh.

Update (10:51): Elton John has just released "Candle in the Wind 2008" in tribute.

Alright, I need to go drown my sorrows. Follow George's lead in the comments and keep me posted, will ya?