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Top 10 Posts Of 2007

Traditionally, year-end wraps are done at, you know, year-end. But as we're anything but traditional around these parts, our Top 10 Posts of 2007 comes a week into 2008.

So here are last year's Top 10 (by page views). I think it's a mix that's pretty representative of what we're all about around here. I'd also like to thank KB for all of his contributions (seen and unseen) over the past year and to thank you guys for upholding your end of the bargain by joining in the discussion. Here's to a great '08.
  1. Ice Ice Babies: The Second Annual Japers' Rink Ice Princess
  2. The Japers' Rink Blogroll
  3. New Capitals Uniforms Leaked?
  4. "Nylander To Edmonton" Not A Done Deal
  5. The View From Your Playoff Seat
  6. Media Day Multimedia Dump
  7. 2 Girls, 1 Cup
  8. Ovechkin The Artist
  9. Fighting In The NHL: A Compromise?
  10. Joe Finley: Less Popular In Wisconsin Than Low-Fat Cheddar