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The Rising

Through 47 games last season, the Caps were at .500 (20-20-7).

Through 47 games this season, the Caps are at .500 (21-21-5).

Taken out of context, 47 points are just 47 points. But given how the two teams got to 47 points, there is obviously much more by which to be encouraged on January 21, 2008 than on January 21, 2007.

The first sixty days of the Bruce Boudreau regime have seen the Caps make up nine points over the same time period last year (a span during which the team was a not-horrible 12-14-1):

Probably most noteworthy in the above graphic is the lack of plateaus this time around - the Caps have yet to go consecutive games without gaining a point in the standings under Boudreau. Compare that to Glen Hanlon's '06-'07 Caps who had four different losing streaks during this stretch alone (and were starting a fifth).

And when you look at the trend over the course of this entire season, well, you know what you're seeing - the complete turnaround of an organization.