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It's Official: Ovechkin Has Signed

Those rumors you read on sites that aren't in the rumor-mongering business are partially true - Alex Ovechkin has signed a contract extension. However, the terms are not the reported six years/$54 million.

The official announcement will be made tonight following a team-hosted event for season ticket holders, and we'll follow up with all the details.
Photo: AP
Update: Tarik confirms 13 years/$124 million. Jesus.

Update 2: Some quick math. Ovechkin's new deal will pay him:
  • $9,538,461.54 per season for the next 13 years
  • $116,322.70 per game for the next 13 seasons
  • $5,311.54 per shift (based on his current season's shifts-per-game pace)
  • $304,332.65 per hour of ice time (based on his current season's time on ice per game)
Update 3: The press conference audio, courtesy

Update 4: Fantastic video of Ted Leonsis making the announcement to season ticket holders (courtesy KCK):