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More Popular Than Britney

The NHL can build a "state-of-the-art flagship store" in downtown NYC, they can attempt to make a big splash overseas in the E.U., and they can even garner endorsements from the most unlikely of celebrities. But how do you really generate buzz among the web-savvy hoi polloi? Naked pictures of professional hockey players.

Yes, Jiri Tlusty's tlusty piqued the curiosity of online users everywhere yesterday, grabbing the numbers 1 and 2 spots for the most searched terms on Technorati, topping "Britney," "Ron Paul," and "BBW" (just missing in the screenshot below, my apologies).

If this story turns out to be part of a viral campaign for "Breakfast With Scot," it's brilliant. And if it's not, well, Capri Films should get on it.