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Semin To IR (?), Clymer On Re-Entry Waivers

According to the roster on the team site, Alex Semin has been placed on injured reserve. Of course, that same roster (which, incidentally, is fed to the Caps site by a central register of players) also lists Ben Clymer as a defenseman, so take that for what it's worth, and we'll keep an eye out for confirmation.

Speaking of Clymer, he has been placed on re-entry waivers in an attempt to bring him back to the NHL, likely due to Semin's (and/or Brian Sutherby's) injuries being worse than initially expected, and placing Semin on the IR would seem to support this theory, as opposed to the theory that Clymer's recall is because a trade is in the works. At $1.05m for the next two seasons (recall that a team claiming a player on re-entry waivers is only on the hook for half of that player's salary), I can easily think of a handful of teams who would do well to snag Clymes, but we shall see if anyone actually will. Stay tuned.

Update (10/6): Semin was put on the IR, retroactive to the date of the injury, so he's eligible to come off and play versus Carolina.