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The Post In Which I Resist The Urge To Go With An Inappropriate Headline Regarding Cox Cable

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It's not quite Comcast vs. MASN, but there appears to be an "issue" regarding the telecasting of some Caps games this season. As a resident of the People's Republic of Maryland (and thus not impacted by it), I'm just getting up to speed on the situation, which apparently is going to impact a number of my Confederate brethren.

The long and the short of it, as I understand it, is that Cox is the only cable provider in the D.C. area that doesn't carry CSN+, which means that Cox customers won't be able to see the 17 Caps games this season (which may or may not include the games this weekend - tomorrow night's game is set to be the first of these "no shows") that are to be shown on the Comcast-owned channel.

For more on the issue, you can catch up here, but why read about it when you can actually do something about it? Contact Cox via the methods listed on their website (or other methods, should they present themselves) and tell 'em you want to watch the Caps games - all of 'em.

Update: A formal statement from Ted Leonsis on the matter.