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Number Nine... Number Nine...

While I'm still somewhat off the grid (today is a travel day back from Denver), I wanted to thank everyone who has emailed to congratulate The Rink on making Sports Media Challenge's Sports Blog Index compilation of "the top ten NHL blogs in the marketplace."

As Sports Business Daily notes, "the following sites, ranked in order, were selected with a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The three general criteria for ranking are influence, community and relevance." After reading that, I have no idea how we made the Top 10, but we'll take it. And given the impressive company in which we find ourselves, it's a bit humbling.

Anyway, here's the list (and if you're not reading all of these blogs, you really should be), and thanks again:

1. Off Wing Opinion
2. James Mirtle
3. The Pens Blog
4. The Battle of California
5. Barry Melrose Rocks
7. Waiting For Stanley
8. Battle of Alberta
9. Japers' Rink
10. Behind the Jersey