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Another Week, Another Flyer Cheap Shot

In the wake of Flyer Steve Downie's suspension for a high hit on Ottawa's Dean McAmmond comes the below cheap shot from Philly's part-time tough/spare part Jesse Boulerice.

I'd expect a big suspension - into the double digits - and I think that it might even be in the upper teens as the League likes to make bigger examples of more expendable players (and given that it's the second straight Flyer to act up, maybe they want to send a message to the team as well, though I know this is something no one in the organization condones). And don't forget that ten years ago, Boulerice was suspended for an entire year by the OHL for a stick-related incident.

Anyway, take a look and play this round of "Guess the Suspension" in the comments (and before answering, I might suggest you check out one of my favorite blog posts ever, from Battle of Alberta on the reason(s) for suspensions).

Update: Boulerice gets 25 games.