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Q&A With Ted Leonsis And Chris Clark

Thanks to B-Dubs for passing along his account of Friday's "Townhall Meeting" with Ted Leonsis and Chris Clark. It's an entertaining read, and certainly provides a good example of the current mood around K-Plex - light, positive and optimistic. I particularly enjoyed this excerpt:
Fan asks Clark if he had input on signings in the offseason as captain

CC: "Well management and the scouting team are responsible for evaluating talent. It’s easy to watch a guy play and know what he can do. They come to the vets like me and Olie to find out what they’re like off the ice. Find out, um, if he’s an idiot or not." everyone laughs.

FAN: Who are some of the idiots?

CC: "Well, um, haha we have a pretty good group of guys here and.."

FAN: "Oh come on, spill the dirt, who are some of the idiots? Not on the Caps"

CC: "Um, well I think you guys had one here a couple years ago"

Good luck to B-Dubs (and Post Game Heroes) going forward - keep fighting the good fight amongst all those Pittsburgh fans.