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Kozlov, Others Skating In South Beach

Earlier today, Tarik noted that many of the Caps veterans, a veteran former NHLer Cap and a rookie are back in town and working out at Kettler. Not listed among the vets was Viktor Kozlov, who is apparently skating down in Miami with a handful of Panthers and a couple of other NHLers, notably Roberto Luongo and Brendan Witt (recall that Kozlov spent parts of seven seasons with the Kitties).

I pass this news along not only because I know how much you care where Kozlov is spending his last few days before reporting to D.C., but because I found it interesting that Luongo would want to work out with what amounts to the team from which he more or less demanded to be traded and, for that matter, that they'd want him there. Apparently, though, there are no hard feelings - probably because the main reason Luongo is no longer a Panther is now in Calgary.