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Caps 2, Bolts 1

[Scoresheet - Super Stats - AP Recap]

I didn't get a chance to listen to the game last night (I was off obliterating breaking my Yom Kippur fast), but have a few thoughts this morning after a look at the box score and a perusal of the intertubes.

But before we get started, what's up with the streak of lightning on the pants?

I never thought I'd have reason to have a "least favorite pant" in the League, but congrats to the Bolts on providing one for me (though they could be worse, I guess). Alright, on to the game:
  • Brent Johnson saved 18 of the 19 shots he faced, including all 10 in the third period.
  • By many accounts, Dave Steckel was an absolute monster last night. He scored the Caps' first goal, finished +1 and won 67% of his faceoffs, all while playing the role of shutdown center. He's certainly making his case to stay in D.C.
  • The Caps won 53% of the game's faceoffs.
  • Mike Green had a powerplay assist and was +1.
  • The Caps leader in ice time was Nicklas Backstrom, at 23:46, but that's nothing. John Torotorella played Dan Boyle for 32:20. In an exhibition game. Not surprisingly, Boyle tried to take matters into his own hands in the locker room, pulling an Owen Wilson.
  • Alex Semin attempted 11 shots on goal and scored the game-winning powerplay goal, assisted by Backstrom and Green. That's an encouraging scoring summary.
For much more on the game, check out Vogs' recap. And here's hoping Dan Boyle has a speedy recovery - he's an integral part of my fantasy team.