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Alzner Drops The Gloves

Per the Calgary Herald, "Karl Alzner hasn't had his gloves off in anger in a blue moon but the Calgary Hitmen defenceman couldn't have chosen a better time to doff them Saturday.

"Alzner took exception to an elbow to his head by hard-nosed Red Deer Rebels winger J.D. Watt for the second straight night and decided to make a statement with his fists. He held his own with the noted pugilist and it seemed to calm a storm by the Rebels.

"'The last time I fought was two years ago with Scott Doucet and we set it up before the game,' said Alzner, after the Hitmen downed the Rebels 4-1 for their second straight win. 'Tonight I was thinking about it since after the game Friday. I have to stick up for myself . . . and I guess I was trying to get the guys fired up. If you'd seen the fight, you can tell I'm not a guy who fights very often but we have to let teams know they can't get away with that stuff.'"

Is there anything not to like about this kid?