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All Alzner

Reading the beginning of this article on Karl Alzner (who is impressing any and everybody who watches him play these days), reminded me of a post Mirtle made a couple of weeks ago about how over-extended some Junior stars are. Here's how the CanWest article on Alzner begins:
These are heady times for Karl Alzner.

The smooth-skating, 18-year-old defenceman has latched onto a world junior championship gold medal, was selected fifth overall in June's National Hockey League entry draft and is a key player with Canada's unbeaten troops in the Super Series against the Russians.

Oh, and he anchored the Calgary Hitmen through three rounds of the Western Hockey League playoffs last spring [after playing 63 regular season games].
Now he'll wrap up the Not-So Super Series, head to Caps rookie camp and then either get an invite to full camp or head back to Calgary for the Hitmen's pre-season, followed by a full regular season of hockey and playoffs.

At some point a kid needs a break, doesn't he?

H/t to Buttercup on the link