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Sean Avery's Feelings Are Hurt

As you may know, the Rangers and restricted free agent Sean Avery are going to arbitration today to settle on the winger's salary for the 2007-08 season. But reading Rags' GM Glen Sather's arbitration brief, Avery may be wondering why the Blueshirts are even bothering.

In the brief, Sather refers to Avery as "a reasonably effective player as well as a detriment to the team."

Hyperbole? Sure. Though Avery certainly is prone to taking bad penalties, for a guy who had 20 points in 29 games for the Rangers and draws a ton of penalties as well, that's a bit of a slap in the face and a good example of how feelings can get hurt in what can be an ugly arbitration process.

So after the arbiter decides on terms and the two sides sign a new deal, Avery's supposed to forget the insult, put on his happy face and play his usual ultra-annoying brand of hockey?

You bet he is.

Here's a question: would any of you have a problem with your boss disparaging you semi-publicly and then paying you around $2 million for the next 10 months or so of work? I didn't think so.