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The Other Gordon And A Pair Of Finns

The fantastic Tim Leone has a profile of Caps' prospect Andrew Gordon in today's Patriot News that's certainly worth checking out.

Leone describes Gordon as a "high-energy forward" (head coach Bruce Boudreau compares Gordon to the Kings' Dustin Brown, who Boudreau coached in Manchester) who is certain to energize the Bears' lineup in his first season in Chocolatetown.

Leone also notes that hulking Finnish forward Oskar Osala is expected to play in Hershey this year as well, despite having another year of Junior eligibility left. Osala's fellow countryman Sami Lepisto is also expected to play for Coach Boudreau this coming season.

Finally, here's a bit of trivia for you - Sami Lepisto's godfather is none other than Jari Kurri.

Thanks for dropping all that knowledge on us, Tim!