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More Nylander Details

Kevin Lowe's side of the story (at least a good chunk of it) appears in today's Edmonton Journal. You can't help but feel a bit for Lowe, and you can tell that Michael Nylander does too - I'm sure deals get announced all the time and go off without a hitch based on the "agreement to agree" that Lowe and Gillis reached. But it's pretty clear that that's all that was present here. Money quote?
"I know in today's game you also need a player's signature, and I said, 'well let's get the sheet signed (by Nylander),'" said Lowe.

According to Lowe, [Nylander's agent Mike] Gillis said his client was exhausted and asked if he could sign in the morning. Lowe agreed but says he never got a signed sheet back from the player. Instead, Nylander signed in Washington Monday afternoon.
Can this please end now?

UPDATE: There's a bit more here, including this:
Lowe said he called Caps GM George McPhee.

"He told me he got a call from the player and cited the Mike Vernon judgment that a player is not signed until he's signed."