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Zubrus Likely To Hit The Free Agent Market

It looks as though Dainius Zubrus won't be back in Buffalo next year and instead will test the free agent waters come Sunday.

The Sabres, of course, are presumably trying to figure out a way to keep one (or both) of their unrestricted free agent captains, Chris Drury and Daniel Briere, and restricted free agent revelation Thomas Vanek, so you'll forgive them for not focusing their attention on resigning a winger-turned-center-turned-winger who scored a mere four goals in 34 games for Buffalo after being sent north from D.C. at the trade deadline.

To save you the keystrokes, yes, Zubie (at the right price and contract length) could be a good fit on the right wing of one of the Caps' top two lines next year. But if he was willing to come down to reasonable terms for the Caps, you'd think he almost certainly would for the Sabres as well, and that he'd already have signed there.

Then again, both Dainius and the Caps have gotten a bit of a reality check since the two parties last negotiated (the Caps by seeing the Scott Hartnell contract, for example, and Zubie by seeing what life is like without having the best left wing on the planet on his line), so who knows?

The bottom line, it would seem, is that barring a "hometown discount," someone out there will pay Zubie too much for too long. Let's hope it's not the Caps.