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Will Dale Hunter Be Ottawa's Next Head Coach?

According to the Ottawa Citizen, "[i]f the call hasn't already been placed, expect new Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray to begin his search for his own successor by dialing the 519 area code to find former NHLer Dale Hunter."

The Sens certainly could have used a more Hunter-like effort in the Finals, but is Dale ready for the show? There's only one way to find out, right?

As an aside, I found this quote particularly interesting:
Hunter, considered one of the top NHL coaching prospects not already coaching in professional hockey, has repeatedly turned down opportunities to join former teammate George McPhee, who is the Capitals' current general manager.
Since the "former teammate" part is (as far as I know) dead wrong, I'll chalk the rest of it up to being inaccurate as well, but if anyone has any pertinent information on the "turned down opportunities" portion, speak now or forever hold your peace.