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Well, Gagner Is French For "To Win"

Both TSN and SI have their mock drafts up and each has the Caps taking Sam Gagner.

While Gagner (who I profiled over at The FanHouse here) is considered by many to be one of the top-playmakers in the draft and in possession of "the highest hockey IQ of anybody in the draft," both TSN and SI have the Caps passing on Jakub Voracek to select Dave Gagner's son.

Crazy? Considering the emphasis GMGM placed on the value of hockey sense (and his mention of familial ties contributing to that end) at last week's chat and the connection the Caps have to the youngster given that Gagner's coach this past year in London was Dale Hunter, it makes sense that the Caps would consider Gagner despite his final rankings according to conventional wisdom (and it's not as if the CW has him slotted around 15 - he's a top 10 prospect in everyone's book and the #5 forward in The Hockey News's).

As with seemingly everything else these days, time will tell.

UPDATE: Add another vote for Gagner, this from Hockey's Future.