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The View From Your Playoff Seat

Your 2007 Calder Cup Champions, the Hamilton Bulldogs.
Sent by that wicked impette, Scarlett Ice.

She adds in her email, "Too soon?"

Grrrrr. A sawbuck that next year's VFYPS album is filled with playoff pics of the Caps (and Hershey alums) taken from our seats in Verizon Center.

It's difficult to believe that the VFYPS project began nearly 2 months ago. We received hundreds of pictures and thousands of visitors, not to mention great support from the hockey (and non-hockey) blogging community. Thank you to everyone who made this project such a success: Jennifer from Southeast Shootout, Hanna, Rebecca aka Caps Chick from A View from the Cheap Seats, Cory, Patrick, Murph from Islanders Army , Sonia, P.J. from Sharkspage, David, Christy from Behind The Jersey, Tapeleg from Jerseys and Hockey Love, Iris, Earl Sleek, jlrpuck, Sherry from Scarlett Ice, Steph from No Pun Intended, Lakshmi from Capital Addiction, Chris from Sens Underground, HockeyGirl from DoubleD(ion), Gustafsson from On Frozen Blog, Greg from the Minnesota Wild, Nick from Deadspin, Mike Chen, J.J. Guerrero from Canucks Hockey Blog, Tom from Sabre Rattling, Kevin from BfloBlog, Alannah and Paul from Kukla's Corner, Andrew Sullivan, Matt Yglesias, Todd from MetaFilter and Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre.