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A Tradition Unlike Any Other...

"After choosing Alzner, the Caps handed him their new uniform to wear on the stage. Guess what, folks? After eight million jersey design changes, the Caps have gone back to something that looks remarkably like their jersey from their inaugural season in 1974-75. Isn't it nice to cheer for an Original Six team like the Rangers that actually has a tradition and doesn't have to pretend to invent one?" - Stan "The Maven" Fischler MSG's Ricky Vaughn

Yeah, Stan Ricky, we're all impressed by the great "tradition" that has produced exactly one Stanley Cup winner in the past two-thirds of a century. And find me a major individual award that has been won more times by New York Rangers than Washington Capitals since the latter joined the League and I'll buy you a beer.

If there's a hockey tradition in the Big Apple, it's one of mediocrity and drought. What an honor it must be to root for the Rangers.