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Time To Play GM

So here we are, a few days away from the madness that is NHL free agency. We have a clearer picture of who won't be back next season, and we think we know what the Caps need - a center, a blueliner (or two) and a right wing.

But for each player added, someone's got to be subtracted. If you bring in a top-six right wing, does Tomas Fleischmann go back to Hershey yet again? And what if Eric Fehr is healthy and ready to go come Fall? Which rearguard doesn't make the team when you sign Scott Hannan or Tom Preissing? If I offered to chip in a few bucks, would the team consider buying out Matt Bradley or Ben Clymer?

To help you out, here's (more or less) the team's current depth chart of players that may be in either Washington (in blue) or Hershey (in brown - yes, that would be an awful lot of rookies in Hershey, no I don't think they'll all be there) this upcoming season, with a couple of extra names thrown on in red - have at it:

(Click image to enlarge)