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Puking & Pills: The Nicole Richie Story NHL Draft Combine

What a lovely caption to go with your Saturday morning coffee! All you ever wanted to know about puking and the Draft Combine, courtesy (and if that's not enough for you, check this out from last year's coverage).

Also noteworthy in the article is this passage:
[Sweden's Mikael Backlund] was not thrown by some of the "strange" questions posed by the Washington Capitals, who choose fifth overall.

"They asked me if I would take a pill to be the best player in the world," said Backlund. "I said, 'No, I try to be the best player without the pill.' They liked that answer."

The Capitals also seemed impressed with the Sudbury Wolves' Akim Aliu, who was more than happy to showcase his Russian when Ruslan Bashkirov's interpreter went missing.
Try not, Mikael. Do or do not - there is no try.