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Inaugural Japers' Rink UFA Pool

Now that the season's over and done with, the real fun begins - the Inaugural Japers' Rink UFA Pool (I was going to call this "Beat Eklund," but I didn't want to disappoint anyone who would happen upon this post thinking it was an opportunity to take piñata-style shots at everyone's least favorite rumor-monger).

The contest is easy enough - pick the teams with which you think the following players will sign. You'll get one point for each correct answer, no points will be awarded for players whose intentions are known for certain prior to July 1 (i.e., a player who retires or is signed and traded, etc.) and the person with the most points on August 1 will win a $50 gift certificate to Only one entry per IP address will be counted, and no entries will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. on June 30 (if your entry is in before then, you can email the address at the bottom of this post to make any changes up until the deadline). Good luck!

Todd Bertuzzi
Jason Blake
Daniel Briere
Chris Drury
Peter Forsberg
J.-S. Giguere
Scott Gomez
Paul Kariya
Robert Lang
Brian Rafalski
Teemu Selanne
Mathieu Schneider
Brendan Shanahan
Ryan Smyth
Sheldon Souray
Kimmo Timonen
Alexei Yashin
Dainius Zubrus

Tie-breaker #1: For how much (average per year) will Chris Drury sign?

Tie-breaker #2: For how much (average per year) will J.-S. Giguere sign?

Tie-breaker #3: For how much (average per year) will Alexei Yashin sign?

If we're still tied after that, the winner will be drawn at random from those still tied.

Finally, you've got to enter your name and email address to be eligible to win (don't worry - we won't share it with anyone):

(Note: the email address should be there automatically when your email handler opens after you hit "send," but if it's not, the email is Note further that all the standard and applicable disclaimers apply to this contest)