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Could The Caps Wade Into The Trade Market?

Word out of Ottawa is that blueliner Wade Redden might want out (and with a no-trade clause, it would be largely up to him). The two-time All-Star has one more year left on his current contract (which pays him $6.5 million per year), and at 30-years-old still has plenty of good hockey left, despite what he showed in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Sportsnet's Ian Mendes lists Edmonton as "the most logical destination for Redden," but each of the reasons he lists makes the Washington nearly as logical a destination. Let's take them in turn:

  1. They have only $28 million committed in salary for next season - giving them the most flexibility amongst the potential suitors.
    I'm not sure where the $28 million figure comes from, but it's pretty clear that neither Edmonton nor the Caps is going to run into salary cap issues in the foreseeable future.

  2. They have an asset in Joffrey Lupul who had a disappointing season and might be of interest to the Senators. Lupul is scheduled to make $5.4 million over the next two seasons before he becomes a restricted free agent. And don't forget that Murray was the one who drafted Lupul when he was the GM in Anaheim.
    Good points, but after Lupul's disastrous year, how much more attractive is he to a contender than some of the Caps' more tradeable assets? We know how much more expensive he is...

  3. The Oilers have three first round picks in this weekend's Entry Draft, which could be used as part of a package to land Redden.
    The Caps have a pair of first round picks.

  4. Kevin Lowe might be desperate to lure a big-name player back to Edmonton to erase the stigma that his city is not a popular place to play. Redden has an off-season home in Edmonton and his family connection to the area is well-documented.
    I wouldn't call the situtation in D.C. "desperate," but it's certainly close. And while Redden has no connection to Washington, I'm sure his ATM card will work here as well as it does in Edmonton.
I'm not convinced that Redden wants to leave Ottawa - why would he? But if he does want to leave, would the Caps be interested? What would they offer?

Personally, I don't love Redden, but wouldn't be upset to see Tomas Fleischmann and the 28th pick head from one capital city to another for the rearguard (assuming that he could be signed long-term at a reasonable price). Admittedly, that's not likely enough to entice the Sens to make a deal, but if the Caps start to think about giving up much more, why not just break the bank and sign Brian Rafalski as an unrestricted free agent and keep your assets instead?

What would you be willing to move for Redden?

Thanks to Tyler for the link