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Caps' Scandinavian Signing Frenzy Continues

First came Nicklas Backstrom, then Sami Lepisto and now Josef Boumedienne. According to Finnish paper Kaleva, the Caps have signed Swedish blueliner Boumedienne to a deal, the terms of which, I'm guessing, were not disclosed per team policy. is reporting the signing as well (thanks, OFB).

You may recall Boumer from the wonderful 2003-04 edition of the Caps, a season in which he scored a pair of goals and added a dozen assists in 37 games.

As always, we'll await confirmation from the team, but as the Caps continue to stock up on blueliners, something has got to be in the works - I doubt a 29-year-old Swede who has been bouncing around Scandinavian leagues for the past few years suddenly decided he's dying to play in the AHL. Could it be a sign and trade? Official translator for Noobs Backstrom?

Regardless of the reason for the signing, here's a great clip of Boumer (who, incidentally, was featured in the first post ever at The Rink) going ass over tea kettle in an SEL game:

H/t to Ferris on the Kaleva link