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Using The FCF To Predict The Third Round

Another round, another 3-for-4 for the Former Cap Factor (FCF), which is now 21-for-27 (77.8%) since its inception - not bad. Are any of you better than 75% in picking series since the beginning of last year's playoffs? I surely am not.

So what does the FCF predict for the Conference Finals?
  • Buffalo (1) vs. Ottawa (4) - You had a feeling that the presence of Dainius Zubrus might finally catch up with the Slugs, and this time it's enough to end the Buffalo run, despite former Cap Lawrence Nycholat on Ottawa's roster and former Cap coach Bryan Murray behind their bench.
  • Detroit (1) vs. Anaheim (2) - Robert Lang weighs down the Wings as the Cap-less (other than former Caps assistant coach Randy Carlyle as the head coach) Ducks advance.

What do you think? Will we see a Sens/Ducks finals that will send Gary Bettman crying to his mommy, or will one of his two remaining dream teams survive the Conference Finals?

By the way, if you're looking for interesting predictions that are a bit more grounded in traditional statistics such as [air quotes] goals against and [air quotes] goals for, be sure to check out the great work The Forechecker's been doing.