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Thursday Morning Funny

Forgive my use of the NHL logo for this post (I didn't have the AHL logo handy), but I came across this article and had to share it immediately in case anyone needed a pick-me-up.

Apparently former Caps' traffic cone blueliner Mathieu Biron has "more to give," which makes sense, as he didn't give the Caps squat. Some choice quotes from an article that both praises and trashes poor Mat:
Since [1999, Biron has] finished seasons with the New York Islanders, Springfield Falcons, Tampa Bay Lightning, San Antonio Rampage, Florida Panthers and the Washington Capitals -- and they all missed the playoffs.
Jeez, what bad luck the guy has. But here's my favorite line:
The problem [with Biron] became that the can't-miss tag turned into a can't-hit, as in the net. His booming shot from the point seemed to go everywhere but on net.
Death, taxes and a Biron slapper sailing wide, eh?