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Playing The Ponies

As we start in on the mint juleps and get ready for "The Run for the Roses," we figured we'd go on record with our Derby picks.


Win: Great Hunter (duh)
Place: Hard Spun (#8)
Show: Nobiz Like Shobiz (#12)

Bonus pick: de la Hoya gets his ass handed to him tonight. Ken?

K.B.: I'm liking the 16 horse (nice value at 10:1) and have Circular Quay across the board. (One of the benefits of having a chum getting credentialed and blogging the Derby is the ability to have your tickets purchased at the track itself and not in the netherworld of online gambling gaming.)

Bonus pick: According to Tim, Scat Daddy is the talk of the Churchill Downs pressbox.
Bonus Bonus pick: Sens clinch.

J.P.: Sweet - I was hoping that eventually this blog would come up when you Googled "scat."

K.B.: To avoid disappointment for those "scat" Googlers,