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An Open Letter To Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic

Dear Sirs:

Now that you're no longer obligated to broadcast mediocre-at-best Baltimore Angelos Orioles baseball, may I respectfully suggest that you acquire the rights to and show the American Hockey League's Eastern Conference Finals featuring the Hershey Bears (as you did for one game last year).

Not only would the games be more entertaining than, say, the Clemson/N.C. State and Florida State/Georgia Tech baseball games you have scheduled in those time slots this weekend, but as the Bears are the AHL affiliate of one of your marquee broadcast partners - the Washington Capitals - you would be both investing in that product and rewarding your loyal viewers.

In closing, showing the Calder Cup playoffs would be a win for everyone - Comcast SportsNet and Mid-Atlantic region sports fans who have no interest in regular season college baseball (which is everyone).



cc: Ted Leonsis

P.S. If you're looking for late night filler programming, I hear Mike Vick's Ultimate Dog Fighting Championship is a hot ticket.