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Breaking: Bäckström Signs Agrees To Contract

The Caps' top prospect, center Nicklas Bäckström, has signed agreed to a contract with the team.

Confirmation in English to follow, but this is obviously great news.

H/t to FS on the link.

Edit Note: A very rough translation of the article below. Haven't struggled this much with Swedish since trying to watch a bootlegged copy of Persona that had white subtitles. kb

Nicklas Bäckström on Washington Capitals - and gets [his] dream contract.
The agreement between Nicklas and will be signed within two weeks, confirms his agent Gunnar Svensson.

That Nicklas Bäckström will go over to other side the Atlantic and Washington Capitals's next season is long from some hockey bomb. The whole hockey Sweden have known [this]. Nicklas Bäckström likewise. The only [thing that] has been missing is an acknowledgment - and what yearly salary [be].

Now the contract [is] clear and waits only on Bäckström's signature. And the becomes a correct dream salary pursues number anticipating direct. [?!}

Bäckström's agreements will be similar Ovechkin's first year in Washington, therefore maximum salary in [basic] salary that a rookie can earn, plus bonuses, [according to] Gunnar Svensson [on] hockeysverige - the hockey central.

That the contract is not typed on firstly before now depends on NHL: s spelarfacksregler [???]. No player in A-VM is permitted to sign for a NHL-klubb before May 15th- and if one has contracts with an European club seagull tea påskriften to be clear before June 1. [???].

The is within that time-frame underteckningen will happen. Maxlönen is according to the collective wage agreement 850 000 dollars in yearly salary.

To sajten sa yesterday Bäckström after bronsdebaclet: [???].

"My plans are to go over and to see if I take a place, for I do not want to to play in Ahl, without arable land then rather home to the top division and Brynäs again." [???].

But Bäckström will not need to be nervous. Capitals värvar 19-åringen in order to let him to grow in NHL-kostymen - through playing in same gang.[???].

Brynäscentern draftades last year of Washington in the first round (as fourth player total) and the current bottom team has all the time seen a salvation in the Swede. Tilltänkt chain friend is speculated Alexander Ovechkin to become.

In that case: no poor duo. [???].

H/t to Systran for the translation.