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Semin Kicked Off Team Russia

Tarik's reporting that "Alexander Semin has been kicked off the Russian national team for failing to report to training camp on time, according to the Russian Hockey Federation's website. The Capitals winger was supposed to play with Alex Ovechkin in the world championships in Moscow later this month."

Something tells me his absence isn't because he's so dedicated to the Washington Capitals that he didn't want to risk injury in a meaningless international event and will instead work on his passing, backchecking, English and, um, puck-handling in D.C. all summer (golf clap for KB on that last link).

UPDATE: Vogs has the low-down on what went down. To me, it sounds like an over-reaction from the Russian brass, but Sasha isn't without fault either. No word on whether or not Alexander Ovechkin smashed another iPod in reaction to Semin being singled out.